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3 in 4 mothers will have problems later in life from birth-related pelvic injuries -- incontinence, painful sex, back pain or pelvic organ prolapse. Get the "core" advice you need to prevent health problems, recover from injuries and stay the best mom you can be!

Countless older moms have asked the same question, "Why didn't anyone tell me this could happen?" Doctors are so focused on health at birth, they don't give any advice AT ALL about being healthy for a lifetime of motherhood. 3 in 4 moms incur a pelvic-related problem during birth -- and that problem may be latent until much later in life. We're not prepared for hormonal changes. We're not prepared for anxiety, depression or stress at any age.

Fortunately, we're here to give you all the advice and education you need about the "core" facets of nutrition, fitness, gut health, pelvic health, hormones and mental health for amazing decades of motherhood -- all in ONE place!